Saturdays, Sunshine & Fresh Air

We cannot create observers by saying ‘observe’, but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses. Maria Montessori A lovely morning stroll at Singapore Botanic Gardens, collecting leaves & twigs, looking out for swans and basically soaking in the sunshine. We headed… Continue reading Saturdays, Sunshine & Fresh Air

The problem with school holidays

I can’t believe I am saying this, but boy am I excited that school holidays are ending soon! The initial thrill of not having to drive for an hour each day was quickly replaced by sheer exhaustion. The hubs have this notion that school holidays equate to packing everyday with ‘something to do’. All I’d… Continue reading The problem with school holidays

Calming Magic of Painting with a Toddler

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try” – Dr. Seuss We had a wonderful time creating colours – blue & yellow makes green, yellow & red makes orange, red & whites gives us pink, blue yellow & red turns brown!… Continue reading Calming Magic of Painting with a Toddler

Unspoken Sibling Bond

Evan is going to be 6 months old come March! He is growing to be such a joyful little baby boy. And definitely adores his older brother. He loves to watch Emmanuel play & joins in whenever possible. Like this evening, Em was playing with our box of kinetic sand. Evan babbled & cooed to… Continue reading Unspoken Sibling Bond

To my dear boy…

My child, I know the past 2 months have been tough for you as a big brother. Each morning, you wake up hoping for that familiar morning hug. But often you see me feeding and rocking your baby brother. All you can do is to wait or learn to take breakfast on your own. When… Continue reading To my dear boy…

C-sec delivery – Day 12

So, it has been 12 days since my second angel was delivered through c-section. It was an incredible moment as I lay on the surgical bed, felt that tremendous nudge and heard my angel wail for the first time. It was love, joy mixed in oddly with all the bitter, helpless fear of undergoing a… Continue reading C-sec delivery – Day 12

The Very Hungry Lime Caterpillar

After reading the all time popular Eric Carle’s ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, I had been searching up tonnes of activities on Pinterest but reality was – one, Bubs is too young for worksheet activities, two, he never enjoys flash cards, art & crafts that borders on too many instructions. (Honestly, I am too lethargic in… Continue reading The Very Hungry Lime Caterpillar