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Hi, We've finally got a really kick-ass webpage! I've decided to switch to Wix - Coffee & Toast Mama Click on to find us there! Love, Jingyi


When siblings fight

The next thing that annoys me the most apart from unreasonable tantrums is sibling fights. It's natural to want to step in immediately and stop the fight (whatever it is) or assume that it's the older sibling's fault. Step back and observe. Let the children learn to solve their own conflicts and step in when… Continue reading When siblings fight


Hobbies & Discipline

I've been recuperating. Daily grind of motherhood & being a SAHM of two boys left me with a huge writer's block. We've been maid-less & car-free for four months going on to five. The brutal truth is that being a SAHM with zero help can be an extremely isolating, mentally exhausting task. It took me… Continue reading Hobbies & Discipline


When Play Is The Highest Form Of Research

So, recently, I did a little social experiment with my boys. I removed 80% of all the toys lying around the house just to see how the boys adapt to having little toys. Before that were tonnes of toys lying around in every corner, 5-6 Montessori activities on their shelves, a pile of art stuff… Continue reading When Play Is The Highest Form Of Research


Finding Joy as a SAHM

  Five years. That's how long it took me to fully embrace my role as a stay-home mum. I stopped being the worst critic on myself, my choice & my lifestyle. A fixed mindset since childhood played an enormous factor in my judgemental inner voice, together with my search of new identity in a world… Continue reading Finding Joy as a SAHM

Family Lifestyle, Parenting

Sweet 16 going on 17. Here’s to a brand new year! 

Good morning!  I'm recently stuck in a quiet state of mind. Being I find it hard to find words to everything going on in my mind & in my life. It's been an exciting 2016 & I am fully looking forward to embracing 2017!  One major undertask these few months have been Project Moving House.… Continue reading Sweet 16 going on 17. Here’s to a brand new year! 


Every day is an adventure waiting to happen

Evan is growing up to be quite a bubbly wee explorer and the world (in this case, our neighbourhood) is his oyster! After breakfast, he'd drag me to the shoe rack and in his baby language, pester me to put on his shoes. "Go!" he would babble with such persistence until we all got ready… Continue reading Every day is an adventure waiting to happen