Hobbies & Discipline

I’ve been recuperating. Daily grind of motherhood & being a SAHM of two boys left me with a huge writer’s block. We’ve been maid-less & car-free for four months going on to five. The brutal truth is that being a SAHM with zero help can be an extremely isolating, mentally exhausting task.

It took me a few months to get into a brand new schedule & learn to enlist or outsource tasks.

An epiphany dawned on me that I had subconsciously turned by past ambitions into moulding my children. I do not want them to grow up to be ‘just happy’. Deep down, I want them to be successful beyond what I could have been. Not successful in the financial sense oh gosh no. It’s about them being world changers, being in the upper tiers in their cohort. That tiger mum is actually very real in me.

Now that Bubs is turning five in half a years time, we (as in my husband & I) decided it’s time to instil discipline – strict discipline in him. I’ve been rather relaxed in letting him have a childhood & free-play a lot. So much that it’s quite tough to rein him in now that he needs to learn writing, reading, mathematics…

Don’t misunderstand, free play is STILL very important. But we are indeed in an Asian society where academics still play a hugely important role that factors a child’s success in the future.

In fact, I’ve been so chill about his academic development (in Singapore context) that I have:

  • Had his school teachers call me various times on his unwillingness to write & do worksheets in school. They are more worried than me. Everyone else in his class is writing perfectly well except him.
  • I’ve been asked on numerous occasions whether Bubs attend any phonics class, mandarin class, brain training class, reading class, art class, drama class. The answer is always no, followed by a shocked reaction.

“He has never attended any enrichment class?!?!?!”

“Eh, No.”

Recently, I tried introducing a couple of hobbies to Bubs – film photography & wushu. Yes, wushu is his official first enrichment class! We just signed him up today.

Film photography teaches him a little about history, art, perspective, overcoming his shyness to approach strangers, patience & self-control.

Wushu teaches discipline, agility and has the potential to teach him a lot about culture, history, respecting authority and if he is really into it, he could train to be an athlete.

The next few projects I’ll be embarking on

  • Reading & writing using Five In A Row curriculum
  • Getting Bubs to learn calligraphy
  • Mathematics – Addition & subtraction of big numbers, concept of multiplication
  • STEM – Through various fun activities as we go along
  • And a very personal project of mine, since the Husband has allergic skin, to make my home a green, organic & toxic-free home! From personal & kids’ toiletries, cleaning agents to food… I’m gonna purge all those horrible nasties away!






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