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Trip to SEA Aquarium: Instagram vs Real Life becos #reality

Thought I might write a fun blog post today. I came across some peeps on social media posting #instagramvsreallife – #reality isn’t always what it seems on Instagram.

Here’s our series of what really went down behind those Instagram photos of our (not so) recent trip to SEA Aquarium at Sentosa. Image credits @coffeeandtoastmama

1. The ‘Blissful’ Lunch


Bubs missed school today so we had a fun-filled day out while the Hubs is at work. 🥞🍹Pit stop 1: Lunch at @slappycakessg @rwsentosa


We had lunch at Slappy Cakes before SEA Aquarium. Bubs excitement was building up when I told him he can cook his own pancakes. I repeatedly told both boys NOT to touch the hot surface grill. Like a broken record on repeat mode. “Do NOT touch! Do Not TOUCH! No no no no no, you will burn your fingers. NOOOOOO I said no touching!”

It was more for itchy fingers Evan who hasn’t got the idea of what “hot grill” has in store for those naughty fingers.

As usual, they fought over who got to squeeze more pancake batter, who ate more strawberries, who got to flip the pancakes…

Why was Evan standing? Because he sit still for 10 seconds! I was glad that the entire restaurant was relatively empty sans a couple other customers.

Admittedly they did enjoy themselves. At poor Mommy’s expense.

2. Through The Looking Glass

Pit stop 2: @rwsentosa @sea_aquarium_

Both boys were fascinated with sharks, esp hammerheads for Bubs.


It was packed with tourists even on a weekday afternoon. One boy wanted to go left, the other wanted to go right. Bubs was shouting, ”Mommy look at this! Mommy look at that! Mommy why are you not looking!” but all I needed to do was make sure none of them goes missing.

This was a posed shot. I got the boys to look at some fancy fish, waited for an opportune moment where there were no other people within my frame for this shot.

3. The Tunnel 

Sharks sharks & more sharks


As usual, this is a fake we-had-the-tunnel-all-to-ourselves shot.

I was trying to make sure the boys were within my range of sight, not bump into strangers, haul their heavy asses up to see sharks, all while manoeuvring the stroller through human obstacles. I think I accidentally ran over some toes. Oops…

4. Under The Dome 

Moray eels.



The dome was meant for kids to crawl in and admire the moray eels. I risked bumping my head, cramping my leg muscles & knocking my knees against the rough floors for this shot. Had to be real quick too as a horde of kids were swarming into the dome!

5. Art Under The Sea

A little kids corner. It’s a bit too dark for colouring but the boys had some fun nonetheless. They won a little prize by answering a question during an impromptu presentation.



I had a bit of trouble finding the colour sheets. It was hidden in a dark corner on what looked like a small tiny rubbish bin. Nonetheless, the boys enjoyed colouring in the pictures. The lighting was rather dim & there were just too many distractions ie the enormous aquarium display at the back. We stopped colouring when there was a trivial Q&A. The host was giving out small manta ray plushies as a reward for anyone who could answer. Bubs managed to snag one and Evan got one as well just for being too cute.

6. Coastes @ Sentosa. The Very Patient Boy.

Pit stop 3: @coastessg @sentosa_island ‘Mommy, I don’t wanna go home. I wanna go to the beach.’ R&R since the weather is too hot to play. LO has KO-ed. .



The weather was sweltering. Evan’s snug as a sweaty bug napping in our baby carrier. Bubs insisted on coming here for ‘pizza by the beach’. He asked why was the food taking so long for like 5 times (it took about 10 mins, so it works out to 1 question per every 2 minutes).

He was amused by touristy sunbathers & kept asking why those aunties & uncles were walking around in their ‘underwear’.

7. Coastes @ Sentosa. The Delicious Bird-Attracting Pizza 


This was where it got really ahem interesting. Bubs announced out of the blue he needed to poo. Like right now! My heart froze. How was I going to bring him to poo in the adult toilet when I have a 11kg napping toddler strapped to my chest?

I cajoled him to wear his brother’s diapers, found a spot where no one could see him poo, wiped his butt & got poo on my fingers. So he followed me to wash up & throw the soiled diapers.

Lo & behold, those pesky mynah birds had been eyeing our pizza and swooped in when no one was at the table!

Poor Bubs was so upset that his pizza was contaminated by the birds!

I was soaked through in my own perspiration from the entire poo ordeal & for the first time in my animal loving life, I bloody hated those birds!

8. It’s Not About The Destination… So They Say

回家咯! 🏡 .



Hello! Evan woke up from his lovely nap, blissfully unaware of the pizza -poo-bird saga. I forgot how he bruised his eye. Probably fell on the way to the MRT.

Here we are on our way home! The boys had a great day out. I was planning dinner in my head after this photo was taken. Seriously should’ve just deliveroo-ed but I was craving wagyu steak after this epic adventure. So we went to the supermarket to get wagyu for dinner. I somehow needed that to recharge.

Home sweet home!!!

Ps: the boys played with their manta ray plushies for 5 days in a row. Bubs kept talking about his adventure. Evan can’t talk but I can tell he loved it too! That, are what fun family outings are made of!



Instagram @coffeeandtoastmama


11 thoughts on “Trip to SEA Aquarium: Instagram vs Real Life becos #reality”

  1. I love the way you present the instagram vs reality . 🙂 I can imagine the behind-the-scenes before its on instagram! I think you had an awesome day out with your little ones despite the little suprises!


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