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Capturing Beautiful Memories: An Interview with Wonder Portraits Founder – Raeann Allaire Heng

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It began as a gift. A simple analog point-and-shoot Kodak camera which Raeann received when she was seven. That sparked her journey in capturing memories and years later, gave her that inspiration and courage to start her own photography business.

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“I love film photography and prefer film to digital cameras.” Not surprising that Raeann is part of the phenomenal film photography cult that refuses to let digital suffocate the beauty of surrealism of film.

Raeann’s ultimate photographer’s dream is to one day, have her photograph featured on National Geographic. She’s always held high admiration for Nat Geo photographers and their inspiring travel and portrait photographs.

Motherhood was the game changer for this free-spirited 23 year old.

“Motherhood has definitely pushed me to my limits many times, it has also shown me how strong love is. Being a Mother has made me more patient, resilient and independent, as a little human being is depending on me now, I have to be there for her. She won’t live past 1 without me!” 

“I’ve always loved photography, and after becoming a mother, I needed a career that could fill my time and yet it is flexible so I could still spend time with my daughter.” 

That’s how Raeann identified a gap in Singapore’s outdoor family photography industry. Noticing that there is a shortage in outdoor family as well as baby costume photoshoots, Raeann and her partner decided to fill that creative gap.

She has a keen eye & talent in capturing raw happiness in families which are evident in all her photographs and growing positive feedbacks from her clientele.

As a millennial entrepreneur, she believes in flexibility & individual customisation of requests for her clients. It allows space for a truly unique photoshoot experience yet at the same time, a photographer should also balance that through giving directions and engage the subjects well enough to get that special moment captured.

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Raeann’s tips on preparing for a successful outdoor family photoshoot:

  • Natural spaces such as parks & reservoirs serve as beautiful backdrops.
  • Dress simple (avoid loud colours or prints that clash) for outdoor shoots.
  • Avoid wearing green or yellow as these colors do not blend well when you are doing an outdoor shoot and they give your skin a greenish yellowy tint when the light reflects off it and onto your face.
  • Families with babies and toddlers, make sure your child is well-rested and fed. Start getting into that routine a couple of days before, so your child will not be hungry or sleepy during the shoot hour.
  • Bring your child’s favourite toy or snack when doing your family shoot, you never know when you need a bribe.
  • Wear comfortable shoes because you will be doing quite a bit of walking to different locations!

On advice to other mothers who are juggling motherhood & starting their own business?

“Hang in there. Nothing is harder than being both a full-time mum and a full-time entrepreneur. But the hard work will pay off! Also remember to take a break and breathe when you feel like everything is too overwhelming.” 

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