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Our Montessori Shelf: Activity trays for a 3 YO & 15 MO

It’s official.

Today’s the last day of school and the beginning of a long year-end school holiday. I’m actually looking forward to the holidays because it means I’m taking a break from being Bub’s school chauffeur.

It’s rather exciting to be able to plan out a few activities I’ve been wanting to try out with my boys. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Here’s a peek at what’s on our Montessori shelf this month. I bought the trays featured here from Daiso – $2 each.

  1. Science & Nature Tray


  • Geosafari My First Microscope
  • Magnifying glass from Singapore Science Centre.
  • Pebble from the Gobi desert. The Husband went there on a recent work trip and brought back this pebble all the way from the Gobi desert!

Since then, we’ve added leaves, flowers, twigs & feathers from outdoor walks into our collection.


2. Singapore Zoo Animals Montessori 3 Part Cards 


Em’s favourite word to bug me is “WHY?”

Children are naturally curious and Montessori understands this as part of their stage of development. It’s this sensitive period that we should encourage them to explore their environment & widen their knowledge. I realised that by encouraging Em to really observe nature & animals, he developed an innate desire to want to care for them.

The other day, he told me that many marine animals died because of too much trash in the ocean. Hence, he mentioned using a firm voice that we should not be harming animals by throwing rubbish irresponsibly. I couldn’t agree more.

I DIY-ed this 3 part cards based on animals in the Singapore zoo & Em loves these! He’ll recall their names & talk about what they eat, how big or small they are & sounds they make.


3. Slotting Activity


This is an inspiration from the Montessori Infant Slot Box.

There’s a saying – Babies need little toys. Most of the toys they need are actually available in our house.

A little bit of creativity & there’s no need to buy every Montessori item because it is extremely tempting to & real Montessori toys are expensive.

  • Yakult savings bottle – free!
  • Wooden pick up sticks from Singapore Art Museum shop $1.50

I’m going to switch up the wooden sticks with 50cents or 1dollar coins for Evan.

It helps babies’ hand-eye coordination, concentration span, fine motor skills & problem solving.


4. Insects Silhouette Matching Activity IMG_1268

These plastic insect models were from Singapore Science Centre as well. DIY-ed the silhouette cards for matching. It’s a little too challenging for Evan now so he’s learning the names of the insects for now. There’s a photo of the insect on the flip side of the card so Evan can match two ways. I’m so thankful for Google search!


There we have it.

Four activity trays for 2 boys of different age groups on our little Montessori shelf. It’s quite fluid in terms of age groups as both boys would play with all the trays though Em would find Evan’s activities too easy & Em’s activities too challenging for Evan.

Both seem to like the Singapore Zoo 3 part cards a lot. I’m glad they do. I spent so much effort on it!

Have a wonderful weekend!





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