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The Joy Of Owning Beautiful & Educational Toys

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4 years ago, I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy that children should be given beautiful, wooden, well-made toys. It resonated so well with my beliefs & it just made sense.

Though 4 years later, realistically it is almost impossible to buy ONLY wooden toys for my boys. We gladly adopt hand-me-downs plastic & battery operated toys into our toy family.

The basis behind Montessori’s philosophy is that well-made, simple toys offer more creative learning purposes as compared to commercial plastic battery operated toys. Wooden well-made toys can endure many rough kids too. That’s personally tried and tested to be true.

My Miracle Baby has generously gifted us three beautiful Janod toys much to the boys’ delight. They seldom receive new toys unless it’s a special occasion, or when grandma spoils them.

Christmas came early for this year. There’s Em’s favourite Hat Boxed Giant Alphabet Train Puzzle, Doctor’s Suitcase and Funny One Day At The Zoo Magnet for Evan.

The puzzle is a wonderful way for Em to recall his letter sounds. Evan was instantly attracted to the cheery animal drawings. I love that they used cursive lowercase letters. 

This puzzle is currently a favourite among these two brothers. 

Em is turning 4 & I’ve noticed his preference for pretend play increasing. The way that little brain mixes imagination & daily life experiences are beyond me. 

Shadows turn into monsters, our bicycle air pump becomes a fireman’s water hose, cushions thrown on the floor turns into hungry sharks lurking in the deep ocean. 

I’m pretty hands-free when it comes to role-playing toys. I don’t tell Bubs exactly what each item is used for. Even if I tried, this strong-willed boy will insist it’s something else. 

For the past few days, he’s been using the stethoscope in the Doctor’s suitcase play set as a laser gun that shoots arrows. So an arrow shooting laser gun it shall be.

The zoo magnet set is sadly the most neglected of the three. It reminded me of an upgraded version of my childhood paper dolls. 

Now instead of changing bodies and heads made of paper, the kids have wooden magnetic ones. 

It’s kinda too easy for Bubs and too challenging for LO so this toy is feeling neglected for this period of time. Neither boys want to play with it after a while.

I’ll put it out on toy rotation for LO when he’s slightly older.

I have personally seen how my boys react when they play with well-made wooden toys as compared to commercial battery operated toys. There’s more language stimulation & creativity. 

(Of course, I do not restrict my boys from playing with battery operated toys. Nor am I saying one should not buy such toys. I’m all for diversity in toys.) 

My Miracle Baby embodies the similar idea of curating the best baby products/brands and children toys of the highest quality from around the world. The founder of My Miracle Baby herself is a mother to two very lovely children and a very humble & kind lady.

Here’s the link to My Miracle Baby website and facebook page.




Bubs posing with his completed Alphabet Train Puzzle. He completed the entire puzzle on his own!


Doctor’s Suitcase


Funny One Day At The Zoo Magnet, which I kept in a handmade pouch made by my amazing & talented friend.


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