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‘My Family’ DIY Magnet Themed Fridge Activity For Kids

Our family spends a lot of time in & around the kitchen. My boys’ favourite hang out is the fridge. They seem to have an invisible radar that alerts them whenever I open the fridge, especially for snacks or to rummage in the vegetable shelf to get a sneak peek into what’s for dinner.

I had previously put out alphabet magnets for the boys but both took no interest in the magnets. Bubs was not interested in spelling & Little One was too young to appreciate it.

However, LO is starting to show interest towards human faces – photographs, drawings & even mannequins in malls. Bubs is showing interest in recognising words that are fun & relatable.

It was one of those days where I sat down to sort out my stack of family photographs. Some were spontaneous polaroid snaps, others were taken at LO’s one year old birthday party.

Toddlers are naturally attracted to human faces, more so if they are familiar ones. These photographs light up LO’s face like glittering rainbows & sunshine! He will point & coo at everyone’s faces he recognise. Besides learning the names of his family members, this activity indirectly introduces the concept of ‘Family’ – that he belongs to a family unit that loves him exceedingly & abundantly.

Just a couple weeks back, I came across this beautiful article from Design A Glow that suggests looking at family portraits help boost a child’s self-esteem.

Bubs helped to choose which pictures get to go onto the fridge. He’s insanely proud of the ones taken with his brother. Since he’s in the sensitive period of recognising words, I placed a series of Chinese magnets for him to play, specifically numbers and family words.


Here’s the full setup on display!


Captured LO’s first impression when he saw the pictures. He’s filled with joy when he saw all those familiar faces.


Pointing at everyone’s faces and cooing in excitement.


That’s family! (Bubs realised Daddy’s not in the picture because he was the photographer.)


Here’s the full box which I took the Chinese magnetic words from. I got it on a whim at the bookstore in Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s also available at Kinokuniya.

Stock list:

DIY laminates and laminating machine from Popular bookstore

A4 magnetic sheet from Daiso. Which I cut into small pieces and stuck them behind the laminated photographs and polaroids.

Magnetic Poetry Kids’ Chinese Kit. Available at Kinokuniya.


Hope you and your kiddos will have fun making their own DIY fridge themed activities!






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