Every day is an adventure waiting to happen

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Evan is growing up to be quite a bubbly wee explorer and the world (in this case, our neighbourhood) is his oyster!

After breakfast, he’d drag me to the shoe rack and in his baby language, pester me to put on his shoes.

“Go!” he would babble with such persistence until we all got ready to leave the house.

Everything fascinates him. From the birds in the air, the teeny tiny ants marching along in their daily commute to the charming purple flowers blooming in the community garden.

Measured his height and boy has he grown!

Lunch was a simple affair of porridge with threadfin fish, carrots & caixin (a local leafy vegetable) which I cooked in Ikan Bilis (dried anchovies) stock soup. Tip: Use Pangkor Ikan Bilis for a sweeter soup stock. As usual, he had to take his daily iron supplement.

I’ve been taking things many notches slower these few weeks. For one, I feel like cutting back on the number of ‘learning activities’ for the boys. Just want to take things slow and let them have as much free play as possible.

I want them to play, to quarrel, to make peace, to explore, get bored, read a book, read many books, get out of the house no matter rain or shine.

Just the other day, Evan pointed at the sky. So there we were, two souls staring at the sky waiting for a random bird to fly over.

When was the last time we simply stared into the blue skies & dreamed a little dream.

Children, they teach me more than what I can offer them.






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