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Mid-autumn Activities & Crafts (Em @ 3 Years)

I have many fond memories of my sisters & I celebrating mid-autumn when we were kids. We carried candle-lit lanterns. My dad wouldn’t have us carry those battery operated ones. (He sorta raised us like boys.)

As a child, it was particularly exciting to be able to play with fire because of the element of danger. We would light up all the candles in a row, ‘accidentally’ burn cheap paper lanterns just to watch the flame consume it, play sparkles & embark on amazing treasure hunts in the dark with our lanterns.

As I got older, we had lantern riddles in school. I sucked at it. LOL

I guess that’s why I wanted Bubs to have a candle-lit lantern as well. Battery operated ones just doesn’t seem so fun. The riddles can wait till he gets much older.

I wasn’t sure whether it’s the Montessori elements in our daily life that Bubs was able to understand the concept of fire from an early age & learn to be careful with things. He has carried both candle lanterns & battery operated lanterns & I am absolutely sure that he treats both kinds differently.


Taken in 2015, Bubs with his candle lantern. He was 2.

For candle lanterns, he uses it with purpose & care. He knows the boundaries eg. do not place finger near the flame, hold the lantern right side up & how to set the lantern down gently. He knows that candles melt & the wax will still be hot if he touches it & it hardens and cools down after a while.

He behaves differently when given a battery one. Basically the total opposite of the above.

I believe I’m quite slow in telling him the story of mid-autumn. We visited the library a tad too late & couldn’t find any more books regarding mid-autumn. No worries, I’ll tell him the story next year. It’s not too late.

We’ll be making our own mooncakes with our church cell members next week & it’s gonna be a blast with the kids! Hope that I can take some lovely photos to update.

Here are 5 mid-autumn activities & crafts to do with a preschooler.

Character Craft Lanterns 


I got them from Qoo10. The best part is everything is given in the pack. I do not need to use any other assembly tool. No glue, no scissors…

It is challenging yet simple enough for Bubs to complete. He was very proud of his finished product.


Play Lexue – Learn Mandarin, Playdough mooncakes & Mathematics


Photo credit Play Lexue

I’m sorta obsessed with this mama’s fb page @ Play Lexue & the interesting activities she comes up with. From role-play (Houyi shooting down the suns) to introducing fractions using mooncakes… her creativity is awesome!


Lucky Rabbit Pebbles


Photo credit theasianparent.com

For those who love art & painting, this is a wonderful craft to do with your preschooler. Pebbles are easily available at pet stores or Daiso.

Excerpt from theasianparent.com:

“In Chinese folklore, the rabbit’s sacrifice touched the hearts of the sages and thus making him a legend. Here is an adorable way to commemorate this noble long-eared animal.


Pebbles or stones of different shapes and sizes




Paint your pebble or stone a base colour and let it completely dry before using another colour to paint on the rabbit’s features, such as eyes, ears, nose, whiskers, mouth and ears. The more odd-shaped the pebble or stone is, the more interesting and unique your lucky rabbit will turn out.

Your kids can also add a bit of shimmer by dabbing on some glitter when the base-coat paint is still wet, or you can be extra creative and glue on a cute tiny bow as a special accessory. Use these adorable little treasures to accentuate your snacks display or creatively arrange them for a rabbit-themed vignette decor in your home.”


Head down to Chinatown or any neighbourhood market to shop for lanterns

Photo credit chinatownfestivals.sg

These places are usually bustling with people with a myriad of colourful lanterns to choose to your heart’s delight. The choices are endless!


Mid-autumn @ Gardens By The Bay


Photo credit gardensbythebay.com.sg

We should be heading down to Gardens By The Bay this school holidays. The elaborate lanterns gets better and better each year!


Happy Mid-autumn everyone!







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