Why I refuse to play Pokemon Go

Confession: I thought of downloading Pokemon Go to find out what the hype’s all about, in the name of research.

What can I miss by playing Pokemon Go?

Perhaps, we would not have learnt about electricity the past week…

Nor made this fantastic voice controlled sound emitting diode for example.
2016-08-12 12.52.27 1

Catch Pikachu & miss our DIY paint-mixing & lotus root stamping art session that got our fingers all stained in a myriad of rainbow colours for the rest of the day?

Rainbow stained fingers anytime please!

2016-08-12 01.51.59 1

2016-08-12 01.51.57 1

I would gladly trade all my virtual pokeballs for Baby E to slot his rubber coins into his DIY coinslot box. THAT would be a real achievement unlocked!

My little Pokemon is evolving from a baby into a little babbling toddler soon!

2016-08-11 12.50.20 1

I’m not sure what ‘training your Pokemons’ mean. Seriously, I have no clue.

But I am very excited to ‘train’ my little ones for the future Olympics!

2016-08-12 06.39.08 1 2016-08-12 06.38.43 1

2016-08-12 06.38.40 1

4 medals for Singapore! 3 gold & 1 silver! Go Team Mommy!

2016-08-12 01.52.00 2

We train & feed our ‘Pokemons’ with so much love.

Our favourite Pokemons love to engage in battle!

Let the games begin & may the odds be ever in their favor!

2016-08-12 06.38.47 1 2016-08-12 06.38.45 1

2016-08-12 06.38.48 1

As tempting as it may be to catch ’em all, I don’t want to miss my children for the world.

Hypes, like tides, rise & die off…

I may spent 100 hours catching Pokemons but I cannot recapture my children’s 100 hours that they lost their Mommy to a virtual reality game.

I’m not strong enough to say I will not be obsessed.

My boys’ Mother would be there beside them, but I’m not there with them.

So, I will not download & play Pokemon Go.

That’s how I threw that thought out the window & never looked back.






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