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Baby Evan 11 Months: Things We Do

My once teeny tiny baby has grown into an energiser puff ball!

He’s turning ONE in a few weeks time & I’ve already picked out the most gorgeous cake of the flavor I love (b’cos I want to eat it) & the cutest birthday outfit for the little man.

His Favourite Activities At 11 Months

Water play

Both the boys are old enough to bathe together. That’s endless sibling-bonding fun with a simple pail, Toobs marine animals, small fishing net all in a bathtub & I can get both of them cleaned up at the same time. Killed two birds with one stone.

Sensory homemade play dough



His first reaction when I introduced this homemade playdough was hilarious. He stuck his hands in and immediately pulled them back in shock & horror! Could be something about the texture that surprised him.

He learned to love it eventually & even tried chewing it when we weren’t looking (for like 10 seconds). Thank goodness it’s all non-toxic and safe! You may want to do your own homemade play dough using this recipe.


Treasure baskets



This week’s new treasure basket theme is Farm Animals. It was supposed to be Farm Animals & I’ve no idea how cheetah, lion & panda ended up in the same basket.


DSCF1602 DSCF1604


It’s all about exploring & movement for him now.

Climbing, pulling himself up, crawling, playing hide & seek, peekaboo & tumbling over obstacles will have him peeling with giggles.


Books & songs

His favourite books at the moment are ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See‘, ‘Orange Pear Apple Bear‘ & ‘The Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round‘. They are such wonderful board books for babies.

Bubs could read them to his brother too.

It’s a joy to see Bubs read to his little brother before bedtime.

Warms my heart. Every time.



We take daily evening walks to get drenched in sun rays, lift our eyes into the clouds, watch the birds, the vehicles on the road, the trees’ canopies, people passing by…

Our trips usually end up at the supermarket, bakery, library or the nearby parks & playgrounds.

Evan will point and coo in excitement at almost everything. It’s a lovely way to introduce language, songs & vocabularies to a little baby. We play word games with Bubs which he absolutely loves. We’ve played ‘I Spy’ & our own version of ‘Bubs, Bubs, what do you see?’ to name a few.

This is usually the highlight of the day for both boys. No matter how many activities I have planned for them at home, they just cannot wait to get out & play.

I must admit this is also my favourite part of the day. It’s also the best ‘classroom’ for my boys. The world is their oyster. To children, exploring their neighbourhood is already a great adventure.


Can’t wait for Evan’s first birthday!

What will be a great gift for a one year old?





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