Montessori At Home

A Montessori Morning

I made Bubs an entire set of lower case moveable alphabets a year ago. It wasn’t age appropriate for him back then so you could imagine my joy when I introduced it back to him again.

He’s been memorising his name’s spelling as well as his brother’s. Mommy dearest here was more excited than Bubs because it meant moving on to the next stage of Montessori learning!

I bought the entire set of moveable alphabet printables from Montessori Print Shop & the storage container from Michael Olaf. It’s easily found in most hardware stores locally. Duyi bookstore has a small wooden alphabet set too if you are not too much of a purist. It works the same. It took me about 3 days to DIY this moveable alphabet so I would recommend anyone to buy one instead if possible.

It would be my dream to get the real Montessori wooden moveable alphabet set but after calculating the costs, I decided to DIY my own before Baby E was born.

The moveable alphabet is a wonderful way to introduce writing to a preschooler when they are not yet ready to write – the mind is ready but the hand is not.

Here’s Bubs spelling out his name & his brother’s name using the movable alphabets. It’s almost right! I made the mistake of correcting his small error in my enthusiasm and realised on hindsight I shouldn’t have. Though he came home from school & wanted to play with it again.
2016-07-21 12.16.20 1 2016-07-21 12.16.22 1

Took some informative cards from Frozen By A Thousand Blessings, a yogurt shop at Toa Payoh over the weekends. We had some fun playing matching & trying to sound out the first letter of each ingredient. Baby E ‘ate’ some of the cards though… but they are free so… *lol* Soooo auntie mentality – it’s free so never mind.

2016-07-21 12.16.19 1


While Bubs went to school, Baby E had Mommy all to himself. He loves playing with this wooden ball track. I got it years ago from The Better Toy Store. I think they still sell it.

It’s a lovely toy for babies to learn about cause & effect. It also aids in their hand eye coordination skills, eye tracking skills which later is important for reading.

2016-07-21 12.16.24 1

2016-07-21 12.16.26 1

That evening was all gloomy with grey skies so we stayed in until the skies cleared.

Bubs helped peel prawns for dinner, of which he only peeled 2 out of the 12 prawns we had the entire time. He was distracted studying the prawns. Taught him that prawns have hard shells, which meant their skeletons are outside unlike human beings & certain animals like fish & chicken. Gave him a huge ass word – exoskeleton. Not bad… he learnt the parts of a prawn in Mandarin & English.

Headed out for a walk with both boys when the skies cleared.

We had a pretty good Wednesday.






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