Montessori At Home

Setting Up A Montessori Learning Environment At Home

Ever since we became 2 + 2, I’ve been praying for wisdom over how to set up a learning environment that can co-exist for a baby as well as a preschooler.

I’ve finally got down to business this entire week. There’s been some major spring cleaning around the house. Old & broken toys, junk in the storeroom… I’ve taken the liberty to throw them away. Sat down & started to pack up all the toys lying around the house untouched & organised them into ziplock bags, boxes & stored them properly for future toy rotations.

I’m left with the kitchen & wardrobe spring cleaning. Lotsa junk to clear over the next couple of weeks!

Here’s a peek at our Montessori learning area in the living room (it’s not usually this neat), where the boys spend most of the time together besides their playroom.

2016-07-14 11.22.07 2

Some notes I made when organising our Montessori learning area:

  1. Child-sized table & chairs. It serves as our secondary dining area & Bubs loves having his meals there. It’s also a great corner for us to do our crafts & other Montessori tray activities.
  2.  Art easel. I just got a pack of chalk for the blackboard as well as blackboard duster.
  3. New roll of art paper below the easel.
  4. Rocking horses. Easy to tell which horse belongs to whom.
  5. Low shelves for toy rotation.
  6. Tv console that doubles up as a low shelve extension for other displays eg nature trays etc
  7. Art supplies that’s easily accessible.
  8. Wooden blocks & Legos for creative play.
  9. Wall display for all Bubs’ artworks.
  10. Floor space for floor ‘mat’ activities. I had a floor mat previously but decided to keep it because the weather is simple unbearable. It’s better to do our floor activities on our floor tiles.


2016-07-14 11.06.23 3

There’s lots of snails around our neighbourhood so we caught one (not that they are hard to catch) & released it back where we found it the next day. Bubs discovered that snails eat grass, can’t run fast, hides in their ‘house’ when scared or sleeping, has long woggly eyes, leaves slime all over the tank & has no legs.

2016-07-14 11.22.05 2

Easel, chalk & art supply holder all from Ikea.

2016-07-14 11.22.09 2

I’ve yet to get a proper Montessori tray 😛 so this one from Daiso serves its purpose just fine. My friend got me a few George Luck puzzles & I am absolutely in love with them!

2016-07-14 11.22.11 2

Baby E’s sensory basket – musical instruments which he can manipulate for his age.

2016-07-14 11.22.13 2

Wooden elephant puzzle from South Africa & nesting owls from New Zealand. After I started this whole Montessori for the boys, all I do is look out for interesting Montessori appropriate toys when we travel.

2016-07-14 11.22.14 2

Here’s Baby E concentrating on his rainbow stacker. It’s mesmerising when they are in that concentration zone.

Do you have a Montessori learning corner for your kids?

Feel free to share them with me as I would like to feature Montessori setups from all over the world.






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