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Of Childhood Toys, Giant Puddles & Bubbles – What We Did This Week

How was your week?

One week passed without me purposely planning any learning activities for the boys. There weren’t any educational activities planned out, no activity trays, motor skills activities, reading or writing lessons.

I was in & out of the house chauffeuring my boy to & from school, getting groceries, planning dinners, in the midst of decluttering the house (so I can really get down to prepping a clean & organised area for the kids).

With baby E still waking up multiple times each night, I have nooo idea how to get back to all my ‘Montessori’ nurturing at home.

So what did we do for the last 7 days???


New addition to the play room – our Ikea tunnel which I bought years ago. Kept it on toy rotation so it’s now out for the boys to play.



Bought some live clams from NTUC to make my mom’s favourite seafood hokkien noodles. Got a sudden craving for it & I am glad I learnt how to cook it Mom’s style. Eh, no I’m not pregnant.

Bubs was amused by the live moving, bubble blowing clams. He helped throw them into our wok, saying,”I’m going to eat you!” as he does so. He observed that live clams kept their shells shut and when they are dead or ready to be eaten, they open up. Not bad, some real learning happened there.

2016-07-10 12.21.07 2 2016-07-10 12.21.10 2

Tried introducing Baby E to the clam shells the next day. I presented the shells by putting them on a plate. All Baby E was interested in was the plate instead.


We checked out SAM’s Imaginarium last week & got some childhood toys from yesteryear at the museum’s shop at 3 for $10. We got Pick Up Sticks, Rubber Band Gun & a Pumping Galloping Horse.

I taught Bubs how to play pickup sticks which this boy sorta cheated his way to picking up more sticks than me.


2016-07-10 12.21.03 2

It rained that morning & we knew where to find good puddles to play after the rain. Bubs donned his raincoat & boots all by himself – all ready to waddle & splash in this huge puddle at our neighbourhood park.

Baby E had his fun smacking raindrops on the wooden benches nearby too!

We were 30 minutes late for school that day. But it was worth it.

That night, we were reading a book & by chance, saw a picture of a bunch of kids playing in a puddle of water. Bubs simply stared at the picture and re-accounted his morning.



Tried making giant bubbles solution using a brand-less dish detergent. It wasn’t successful.

This was one of the rare photos that bubbles actually formed. I’m going to try other dish detergents to see which one works best.

Then came lazy Sunday! What else to do than to have a lazy Sunday brunch at 2pm!

That’s how long it took for us to prep two kids & leave the house. I’m glad the Hubs hasn’t died of starvation.

We had brunch at The Coastal Settlement.

2016-07-10 07.36.23 1
2016-07-10 07.36.22 1

Bubs attempting to set the table for us. Here he was sorting out the cutlery. We try to get him to set the table at home during meals. I find that it really does help boost his confidence & table manners.

I helped him a little this time round.

2016-07-10 07.36.20 1

And the table is all set & organised. He dropped one spoon in the process, so we were missing one spoon there.

2016-07-10 07.36.15 1 2016-07-10 07.36.18 1
PicsArt_07-10-08.21.48 2016-07-10 07.36.08 1

We lazed around the swings after brunch. Bubs loved the swing so much he refused to leave. I had to bribe him with something I cannot remember, something along the line of going to look for other playgrounds.
2016-07-10 07.36.07 1
2016-07-10 07.36.05 1 PicsArt_07-10-08.23.12

Wondering how the Hubs will look like with a moustache & if he smokes pipe…

The closest thing I did that was purposefully learning was perhaps read with the kids before bedtime each night & play wooden blocks with them.

It’s 1.27am Monday!!! The beginning to one beautiful week ahead.

Praise God for all the simple joys in my life.







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