The Future Belongs To Those Who Dare To Dream

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”


Don’t most of us, as we slog though the daily mundane routine called life, often dream of something more? Perhaps, you did but had forgotten about it, buried that passion deep in the recesses of your heart. Perhaps, you had the courage to chase it once but ended up with broken wings.


Dreams are beautiful because it gives hope. A dreamer sees the dawn before the rest of the world. (Oscar Wilde)


I not sure if I can call myself a dreamer. The reality & practicality of life with children can go both ways I guess. Any personal dreams or aspirations have to be put on hold and I do it willingly out of love for my children. But through it all, I found an even greater satisfaction and a greater hope in raising them. Irony right?


Though honestly, I still dream a little every now & then.


One of my childhood dreams was be a writer. I would write imaginative stories in my journals when I was a little girl. Who knew years later, I would be able to publish my own children’s book! Ah, yes, you may say that I am an author of a lesser known yet beautifully written book called The Special Bear.


What are some of my unaccomplished dreams?


I would love to bring both my boys to South Africa when they are older. Hubs & I had the most adventurous honeymoon there and both of us agree we will return one day with our family.



Planning for a trip for 4 is no longer as easy as it used to. However, with proper planning and good travel insurance, we can travel with ease of mind.


Another dream of mine is to start a permanent Montessori inspired play community. Though that needs space, deep pockets, a great team, time commitment… all of which I do not have… at the moment.   😛


(Photo credits PinterestCedar Works)

For starters, I shall work on saving up for our South Africa trip first.


What do you dream about?


What if there’s a chance that someone might help make your dreams come true?


#GoBearDreams contest may help you to fulfil that dream!

GoBear, your friendly bear that provides unbiased comparison for various financial products wants you and people in Singapore to share your ambitions and dreams.

Be as creative and interesting as possible in sharing your dream and submit a 30 seconds video here along with your personal details.

The best submission wins the grand prize of $10,000 CASH funding by GoBear to fulfil your dream!

Here’s a video of a guy’s outrageous dream of wanting to be a sweeper being fulfilled thanks to getting a loan on GoBear at

Contest period: 29 June to 29 July 2016.

Visit, click on the “Join Contest” button & dare to dream again!


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis





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