Montessori At Home

A Day In Our Montessori Nursery

Some days, I’m just glad we all made it through the day alive. But again, there are days like this which I will trade the world for. Moments so treasured, nothing else truely mattered.

As to all early childhood & infant developments, Montessori approach values the first year of a baby’s life. Today, we shall focus on movement & work. Montessori used the term ‘work’ quite often, but it actually means play for young children. To them, play is work & that’s what intrinsically drives their inner motivation & independence.

Baby E is naturally very curious (as do all babies). I try to keep our nursery clutter free, clean, bright, no distracting noises & a few toys on rotation each month. I have to admit it was way easier when I only had one kid.

In the mornings, we will have our breakfast together. My older boy helps prepare my coffee & set the table if he’s in the mood. Baby’s breakfast is usually steamed apples & organic brown rice cereal or bread.

I send my boy to school, come back to spend some quality time with Baby. So his big brother is in school, Baby attends Mommy’s ‘school’. HAH!

Here’s what goes on in a space of 2 hours on a very good day:

My well-rested Baby woke up from his nap & all ready to explore! We’ll sit on the floor mat & I let him choose which toys he might want to play with. Usually I will demonstrate how to play certain toys to get things going. Mostly I sit in a corner & observe & go with the flow.

Attempting to drop the ball into our cardboard permanence box. He tried a few times & got interested towards the hole instead.


I switched out some mobiles on the Ikea baby gym which he noticed almost instantly. I realised this gym might look stable but it is completely deceptive. I had to ensure this wooden structure stay stable when Baby is standing up like the picture above.


His first time stacking the wooden tower! Oh I do have quite a few Ikea toys. They have such beautiful wooden toys that are very affordable. This wooden stacker is a hand-me-down from Big E. Still looks new!


This baby of mine has an obsession with wheels. Every vehicle he lays his hands on, he’ll touch the wheels. So much that he does so even on 2D pictures!


Story time! I’m surprised that Baby E initiated story time that day. He crawled over to the shelves and choose this book for me. It’s not his favourite though. We only lasted through half the book.



This IS his favourite book! Crawled out of my lap to get this book instead.


All snuggly up next to me, reading & listening intently as I finish the book – twice! Occasionally, he will point at a dog or something that intrigued him & goes,”Ba ba uh!”.

“Yes, that’s a dog. It goes woof woof!”, I’ll affirm him.

He seemed quite satisfied with my answer.

20160630_135559 20160630_135624

I measured his height that day. Boy has he grown!!!


Lunch time was a simple mashed potatoes & salmon.

That concludes our baby school for the day. Had to fetch Big E home so we usually would wind down our day with a tea break & head outdoors in the evening to the neighbourhood park.

Perhaps, a little craft work or reading or movies when I’m plain exhausted after dinner.

That about sums up a typical day for me and the boys, minus the daily drama.



How does your day look like?




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