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Marine Cove @ ECP Playground Opening Day!

So, we brought the kiddos to the newly opened Marine Cove today. As much as I want to just chill in a small quiet corner of the house with a coffee & book, I decided to peel my lazy butt off the floor & check out the much hyped massive playground!

Today was the grand opening & boy was it packed!!! Like seriously, if it was this packed on a weekday evening, be prepared to be overwhelming on weekends!

Crowds aside, this might be our new favourite playground haunts in the east! Massive playground, sun, sand, sea, coffee joints – all our favourite factors married into one Marine Cove.

Big E refused to leave even when he was extremely tired when the sun has set.

I couldn’t take much pictures of the playgrounds because there were too many kids, parents, grandparents, helpers, strollers, bicycles & my back was sore from babywearing Baby E, who fell asleep moments upon reaching Marine Cove, for too long & running after Big E… you get the picture. But I reckon if you are reading this post, you would have had seen plenty of photos & articles online.

What we (I use the term ‘we’ cos it involves my view, my hubs’ as well as our kids experience) love about the New Marina Cove:

  • Massive Playground for kids of almost ALL ages! Older kids love the mega structure. There are other area for younger kids to play & roam about. I can go on and on about the playground. Or you may want an in-depth review with photos over on CheekieMonkies.
  • Ironically, though the place is packed, the sheer size of the playground can accomodate a lot of children without feeling overwhelming.
  • Big E & his cousin tackled the rope bridge so many times that I lost count.
  • There’s other play areas for my baby nephew who just started to walk, to roam about. He was so excited he missed his nap time.
  • Kids’ shower & toilet – Low toilet bowls & height appropriate sinks in the kids’ toilet. No more carrying a toddler and hovering precariously over adult toilet bowls.
  • A decent range of F&B options. Nothing like sitting down with a glass of iced latte while the kids play. Note: 2 F&B outlets Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf & Babalicious both have a sizeable children play area within their premises.
  • The playground is FREE!!! I strongly believe that playgrounds should be a free commodity especially in a first world country. That’s why we hardly go to indoor playgrounds that require me to pay. (IMHO, the best free outdoor playground I’ve ever been to was in London.)

20160629_183646 20160629_180154

20160629_174331 20160629_180816

20160629_180848 20160629_175431

20160629_175505 20160629_181255


Is it worth visiting?


But coming from an introvert Mommy, I would skip the weekend crowds and go there during weekdays after the hype dies down.

I foresee that this will be one of our new favourite places to hang out for the rest of this year!




How to get there?


Photo credit NParks

Located at East Coast Park Area C, Marine Cove is accessible via East Coast Park Service Road. There will be a total of an estimated 430 carparks in Carpark C2 & C3.



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