On Homeschool & Unschooling

How We Spend A Peaceful Monday: A Day In The Life Of A Preschooler

Just like that, the month long school holiday is o.v.e.r.

Back to the usual routines, back to the usual peacefulness at home.

I’ve been re-reading ‘Child Of The World, Montessori, Global Education for Age 3-12+‘ again. This passage struck me and I quote:

“At this age (3-6yo) we do not tell the child about the problems with the environment, global warming etc. Giving this information too early can cause confusion & stress, worry and even an avoidance of anything to do with the earth. Instead, we share the wonder and the beauty of the earth. This is true of the studies of plants and animals, and of the people of the world. Children grow up to care about, be interested in, and care for, the things they have learned to love.”

Susan Mayclin Stephenson, Child Of The World, Montessori, Global Education for Age 3-12+

I revisited memories of how Big E got extremely upset when he witnessed our helper severing a dead whole chicken after we got back from the supermarket, as well as a previous similar incident with a fish I was preparing for dinner. 3 days ago, one of his tadpoles had gradually turned into a frog. But we left that froglet alone cos its tail was still there. The next morning, it somehow died and ALL the other tadpoles were eating it! He was so horrified I had to do therapy with him for the rest of the day.

So, the point here is, I agree with the passage. I shall make a mental note of it when Baby E grows up too.

Though I have read & practise Montessori at home, I’m not an expert nor trained hence I try my best to set up a home environment that is peaceful for the kids. Big E doesn’t take well to certain Montessori ‘lessons’, not sure whether it’s me because I’m the Mom not a teacher mentality or that I did not present it well. So either way, I hardly ‘set up’ a Montessori lesson. For us, a proper environment serves us better.

Here’s how we spent our Monday afternoon after Big E came home from school.


I was breastfeeding Baby E when this took place right before me. Big E doing his ‘thing’ for a whole 40 minutes, constructing ‘Optimus Prime’, playing Doctor to sticking shapes on the floor using all the stationery he could find in the study – paper cutter, scissors, double sided tape, glue, stapler, papers… His masterpiece is still hanging on the wall right now as I write.


We changed up the water in the tadpoles’ tank. Because a froglet recently died in there remember? He tried catching them with his hands but they were too tiny. So we had to use a net. Baby E had to be kept off this area. All he wanted to do was stick his hands in and touch everything.

Bubbles! All smiles and squeals of laughter. Baby E was strapped on to me. I couldn’t really take a wefie as you know, I’m in mom-attire & hands are soapy from bubble solution. :p


More outdoors at the playground. For some reason, all he wanted to do was to turn round and round in this green bowl. I got dizzy just watching him turn.


Dinner, got both kids cleaned up & it’s almost bed-time.

He wanted to paint using Chinese calligraphy ink. I took the opportunity to recap his calligraphy strokes. Not bad eh, he could remember.

Want to try to write? I asked.

No! I want to draw! He was resolute on creating his own art piece.

He won.

As long as he goes to bed after this.

Took me another hour or so to settle both kids to sleep.

Big E’s last question for me before he zoned out, “Mommy, where’s Daddy?”

He’s not home yet. He had lots of work to do.

Big E let my answer sank in & fell asleep.

That’s when the Hubs opened the door & peeped in to a quiet room, and looked silently at two sleeping angels before closing the door gently behind them.







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