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Changi Beach Park: 2 Outdoor Playgrounds & Cafe Review

The weather has quite a sense of humour these past few days. While we were packing to head out, the sun will be scorching hot. The instant we were ready to go, dark clouds start looming ahead & deep thunder rumbles in the distant.

That’s it. I decided the weather does not decide whether we stay home or head out. It happened to be drizzling when we left the house so I brought Bub’s raincoat. As expected, the rain stopped immediately the second I left the carpark.

Like our favourite Dr Seuss says,”“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping
When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.”

If you happen to drive, do take the journey to Changi Beach Park. On weekdays, it is the most serene, untouched stretch of white soft sandy beach in Singapore I can think of.

There are two playgrounds with sandpits at Changi Beach Park. They are at the opposite ends of the park so do expect to do some walking (about 10 minutes slow walk, make it 20 if walking with a preschooler) if you want to visit both playgrounds.

There’s an unspoken authenticity about outdoor playgrounds with swings & sand. Running around in sand covered feet, relishing under the sun, taking in the sound of the ocean waves & cool salty breeze is the perfect recipe for happiness.


Playground For Younger Children

One of the playgrounds on the right (facing the beach) is suitable for younger children 2 to 5 years old. It’s also quite close in proximity to planes landing at Changi Airport. Bubs was excited being so close to the planes, complete with 3D sound effects.




Playground For Older Kids

On the other end of the park (left side facing beach) is the more popular playground for 5 – 12 year olds. Although I doubt it is only meant for kids because I always notice teenagers & adults gleefully transforming into big kids themselves.

Bubs was strangely fuelled by a wave of courage to climb the rope pyramid all the way to the top and down the metal tube slide – 3 times!



Bistro @ Changi 

This unpretentious beachfront cafe is one of my favourite haunts.

We took a break, snacked on potato wedges & cooled down with a glass of fresh passionfruit smoothie. This was the best picture I could take after Bubs gobbled all his food down like a graffalo.



As the beach is mostly untouched, we could sometimes find stranded creatures on the sand. Once, we found a sea hare stranded on the beach. Sometimes, we find crabs scurrying along the sandy shore.

You’ll find hobbyist fishing here at night. Bubs once went up to one group and peered at their catch of the day.

Where are your favourite beach playgrounds in Singapore? Do share.







9 thoughts on “Changi Beach Park: 2 Outdoor Playgrounds & Cafe Review”

  1. Sounds like a perfect place to add into my Play@SG series. Thanks for sharing. I think my kids will be thrilled to find another playground with swings. Just that we stay in the west.

    And if you come to the west, check out west coast park. It has a similar pyramid tower with slide like this and some other smaller play structures. Its one of our favourite playground.

    Jac (


  2. We’ve been to the Changi Beach playgrounds and both kids play at the one with the rope pyramid. My fearless 3.5yr son climbed the rope pyramid, under daddy’s guidance, all the way to the top, then came down the slide and gave me a cheeky smile. I, of course, was watching fearfully, but I was so glad he proved to himself that he could do it. On the other hand, the older sister refused to be anywhere near the rope pyramid. We haven’t tried the bistro though. We should do that the next time we go.


  3. I grew up at the massive pasiriris rope pyramid. It would be a travesty if the next generations forgot how to climb. Cos we have to crawl before we walk, walked before we can run.

    Run before we can climb. And climb before we can fly


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