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How To Feed My Baby While Travelling? 4 Ways Tried & Tested

One of the most overwhelming task when travelling with a baby is worrying about what he is going to eat throughout the trip.


On the part about milk supply, it depends entirely on which options work best for Mommy & baby. Whether it be formula, exclusively pumping or direct latch, those options are easily worked out.

For my elder boy, I pumped exclusively. Which meant packing breast pumps, bottles, bottle wash sponges, bottle detergents, extra baby formula (just in case).

My second boy latches directly, which came as a surprise how little I needed to pack in terms of his milk supply items. All I needed was a couple of muslin cloths as breastfeeding covers.

On preparing healthy baby food on the go, here are the 4 options I have tried & tested, ranked (imho) best to worse case scenario.


1. Cook baby’s meal fresh everyday

Stay in apartments equipped with a kitchen (airbnb?) and keep a lookout for nearby supermarkets. Stock up on fresh groceries – fish, fruits, vegetables, yogurt etc. We enjoyed that option when we travelled to New Zealand a few years ago with Big E. He was 10 months old then. But that wasn’t an option this time round in Pattaya Thailand.


2. Bring a mini rice cooker & thermal container


I popped by Courts while frantically packing for this trip and got the smallest rice cooker I could find. It’s my first ever Hello Kitty! I packed rice, dried scallops, carrots & broccoli in small tupperwares in an icebox. The flight was merely 2.5 hours so my food was kept cool until I reached my hotel room. First thing I did was to keep all the food in the hotel refrigerator.

Similar to the first option, you may want to stock up on fresh groceries at the local supermarket if your stay is long.

ps: My friend told me to watch out for the power supply in certain countries. Some places might have a low power supply which means inadequate electricity for a rice cooker. So do take note.


3. Pack along ready-to-eat organic food pouches

Be careful to check the ingredients carefully. I packed these for instances where I do not have time to prepare a fresh meal for my baby. Thus far, this is my first time trying food pouches.

I tried giving Big E a pumpkin food jar ONCE eons ago. He tasted a pea-size amount and gave a horrific look of absolute disgust. I tried it too, threw the entire jar of organic pumpkin away.

So I was extra cautious on buying food pouches for Baby E. Organic food pouches also comes in different qualities.


4. Keep a look out for fresh cut fruits & freshly baked bread in hotels or cafes 

If the fruit and bread looks fresh, I let Baby E nibble some. But of course, he cannot survive only on fruits and bread the entire trip.


Another option I read about was to prepare homemade baby food at home and freeze them into travel sized cubes. I wasn’t too sure how exactly these frozen cubes can stay frozen in a freezer bag for more than a few hours. I was pretty sure those mini hotel refrigerators freezers are not the best. I’ve not tried this option before.

What are your thoughts?

Any travel food preparation tips to share?





10 thoughts on “How To Feed My Baby While Travelling? 4 Ways Tried & Tested”

  1. No cooking for me on trips! Trips are for mummy to enjoy too! 🙂 so 3&4 works for me. However I would prefer jar foods to pouch foods as I like to see visually what they are eating. And I like it that Jar foods have more texture than pouch foods. Of course, pack all your snacks too!
    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )


  2. We brought our 22 month old toddler with us to Scandinavia last month. How we survived was to feed him bread at every meal and he will also take nibbles of rice/pasta/potatos from my plate. When he was younger, we would bring along meal pouches too. Bellamy’s a v good brand!


  3. No cooking! Direct latch, ready to eat food worked for me. Or I just shared my food with them. I mean, if it’s safe for me, it’s safe for them. I just make sure I order the good stuff myself too.


  4. We did exactly like what Angie did when we brought Laurent to Paris last month 🙂 He loves bread (particularly baguette) so it was a breeze feeding him in Paris, he will happily gobble down all the bread from the bread basket while waiting for our food. We will usually make sure at least 1 of the dishes we order is something which he can also eat (e.g. Salmon, pasta, etc). For parents who prefer to cook of if the child is still too young for food that are too flavourful, I find an electric lunch box works best. Portable and easy settings.


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