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Learning About The Moon


Big E has been obsessed over the moon for months now. Of late, I realised he notices that the moon’s shape changes each time.

“The moon is crescent today Mommy!”

“Mommy, the moon is round now. Not crescent like last time.”

{By the way, we speak Mandarin at home. I’m merely translating what he said.}

Well, I initially thought whether to introduce the different phases of the moon to Big E. But it seemed too abstract for a 3.5yo to grasp.

“Interest in the study of astronomy, earth, ecology, physics and chemistry can all begin now when the child is the most interested in new experiences, when he literally absorbs everything in the environment. The first lessons about Earth comes from nature – experiences of the sun and wind, playing in sand and water and mud, seeing sun rise and set, watching the stars at night, visiting the seashore, and from the child’s own collection of rocks and minerals.”

Excerpt from Child of the World, Montessori Global Education for Age 3 – 12+

At Big E’s age, I presented this simple lesson using as much sensorial experiences as I can. I refrained from long verbal explanations because he is not able to understand using that kind of approach at this age.

Googled up a few free printables on the moon.

M is for Moon

Moon Phase Chart

Most focus on the phases of the moon which I know will totally baffle Big E.

Hence, I did my own 3 part cards using free google images. Heh! I added the Mandarin version too.


Credits M is for Moon for the Apollo 11 printout.


Quite a fun session on language building, sounding out words {phonics}, talking about space and Baby E joined in on our discussion.

Later in the evening, we watched space shuttle launches on Youtube. This is his favourite:

Big E was fascinated when the rocket boosters detach in midair, all the while asking whether the astronauts have reached the moon yet.

I haven’t told him the part about space stations. We will get there.

Already looking forward to getting more books about the moon, planets & space from the library and moon themed songs to sing.

Also pinning up these space themed craft projects to do with Big E for the next few weeks. I’ll keep you guys updated!

20 Space Themed Crafts

Button Moon Collage

Cardboard Spaceship

Phases of The Moon

18 Solar System Projects

Sounds very ambitious. Maybe I should just buy a solar system kit.





8 thoughts on “Learning About The Moon”

  1. As a parent, I think I am learning as we guide the children.. I didn’t know many interesting facts (plus the solar system) before having my kids. 🙂 Now I even have to learn their primary sciences and math which is really tough but pretty informative for me.


  2. I need to learn from Big E on speaking in Mandarin – I wonder what’s ‘crescent’ in Mandarin. 😛
    Lovely. Parents who go to lengths to find information and craft projects for a topic the child is interested in.


  3. Time for a trip to Science Centre stargazing, look at the moon, trace the milky way, look through a telescope 🙂 More details here -

    On a side note, perhaps folktale like Mooncake Chang2 Er2 (and rabbits?)

    cheers, Andy


  4. Oh my, what a dedicated mum you are there! So much effort for each and every lesson you have with your son, kudos! (We speak Mandarin at home too;))


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