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Pompompurin Cafe Orchard Central

This is one those cafes you visit with your girlfriends, enjoy their wonderful company, gush over cute Japanese characters, be girly again and snap tonnes of food photos!

Leave the husbands or boyfriends at home. Mine was glad I did.

One of the cutest children cutlery set I’ve seen.

Here I am struggling with a very curious baby. He’s already destroyed one Pompompurin paper placemat & dropped a wooden spoon on the floor before my butt could warm up the cute chair.

We haven’t even ordered yet.

We are on a high from Pompompurin cuteness overdose. Big E thought we’re at Pompompurin’s house and Purin made us all these yummy food.


The kawaii food is Instagram worthy. Eyes got a better feast than my tongue. {If you get the hint}

It’s a great place to bring the kids to soak in the cuteness too. Too bad Big E wasn’t feeling well and all he ate was 3 marshmallows. He did not want to eat anything else. It could be due to his fever. Though my Mama instinct tells me the food isn’t much to his liking in the first place.

Think boys are boys. He’ll only eat what he wants and not swayed by cute decorations.

Definitely a chip off the old block.

Yes Hubs, your wifey knows you are gonna read this and swell with pride.






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