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Ikea Leka Baby Gym Hack Ideas

Baby E is 7 months now. He’ll grab any object within his reach straight to his mouth, play with his toes, shake toys, bang things against the floor/table and trying his best to crawl.

Gosh… It seems just yesterday, Baby E was so teeny tiny in my arms. Now he’s 7 months!

Montessori’s simple approach to babies are

  • respect all babies as individual human beings
  • allow them as much freedom of movement as possible
  • help them to become increasing independent by creating a safe, child-friendly environment that makes it easier for them to explore

Excerpt from: How to Raise An Amazing Child The Montessori Way by Tim Seldin 

We do not have a play pen in our home for the reason of freedom of movement and of course that is a deliberate decision. We had to ensure that there is minimum dust on the floor hence, the floor is cleaned every morning before Baby E wakes up. Furniture is kept to a minimum. Toys with small parts are kept away from his reach.

I bought a 2nd hand Ikea Leka wooden gym from carousel a few months ago and noticed that Baby E’s interest towards it has faded.

Montessori infant development highly recommends a baby gym minus the bells and whistles. I wanted something wooden, beautiful, simple & most of all, affordable.

Benefits of a baby gym:

  • Cognitive
  • Visual Perception
  • Grasping & Reaching Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Self Awareness
  • Sensory Stimulation

You may read more here.


One thing I love about this gym is it is so easy to hack!

I changed out the hanging toys and replaced it with some lacing beads and strings. Baby E was curiously watching me as I change up his old toy into and old-new toy!

He enjoyed pulling on the bead hanging on spiral cord as it tends to spring back when he releases his grasp.


Even his big brother Big E enjoys crawling under and pretend to be a baby.

Here’s other Pinterest inspirations for the Leka Gym hack.

  1. Kaley Ann – Ikea Leka Play Gym Hack



2. Ikea Hackers – Rainbow Baby Gym



3. Apartment Therapy 



4. Claire Leina


Hope you will enjoy hacking your baby toys as much as I did.



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