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Exploring the world right in the suburbs

“see the world as your child sees it – up close and low to the ground”

“key Montessori idea – children are stewards of the Earth and must learn to care for distant places such as rainforests and ice caps as well as pockets of nature within the city or suburbs, to preserve them for the future. 

Teach your children a reverence for life.”

Excerpt from How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin 

I would make it a habit of soaking in some sunshine at least thrice a week. Whether it be a park, the beach or just around the neighbourhood. Sunlight does some magical stuff to children. One might say it’s vitamin D, or helps the brain develop from a scientific point of view (Brain Rules by John Medina). I would say after some 3 years of parenting, armed with purely observational skills, sunlight & the outdoors does something wonderful, magical, delightful to little children.


Getting too big for his balance bike


While out & about, Big E usually brings along a bag to collect samples of interesting finds – rocks, twigs, leaves, or flowers. We talk about the weather, the trees, the animals we see. Sometimes we even head out when it’s raining in a raincoat and boots.


For instance, just in our neighbourhood alone, we would spot worms, aphids (yes aphids!!!), squirrels and snails – that’s more than the usual birds and dogs and cats.

I bought a microscope for Big E to examine his specimens back home.

His simple science / nature shelf includes:

  • A microscope
  • A magnifying glass
  • Transparent box to put his specimens
  • Scissors



Looking at the veins on the leaves through the microscope

I’m thinking of getting Big E to start a nature journal when he’s older. Hopefully he will be inspired to write stories or draw what captures his imagination around him.

He is already requesting for a camera to document his findings. Hmm… I told him I will discuss with Daddy.


Glad to see that he is happy doing some real learning without even realising.


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9 thoughts on “Exploring the world right in the suburbs”

  1. His mini microscope is so adorable! It’s never too young to teach our kids science with the things they do to make them more observant of their surroundings.


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