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Montessori Approach to Choosing the Right Babychair for Weaning

We are beginning to wean Baby E a few weeks now. After much procrastination, we finally bought our second high chair for Baby E which is exactly the same one Big E is using for the past 2 years.

There’s a lot going on about baby-led weaning which I have not read up much.

I weaned Big E using the Montessori method which worked wonderfully well, hence I decided I shall stick to it. I’m in the process of reading up about baby-led weaning and I honestly feel that it is possible to marry these two in terms of their benefits.

In a nutshell, Montessori weaning method focuses on respecting the child and developing his sense of autonomy and independence through a prepared environment. I shall write another post on Montessori weaning since this post is about choosing the right baby chair.

Our first ever baby chair was the infamous Ikea Antilop.


Picture taken from webpage SGD$25

It was cheap & good. Only thing was it only lasted for a few months before Big E outgrew it & I didn’t like that fact that he could not get in and out on his own.

I wanted a chair that Big E can

  • independently climb up to sit by himself,
  • made of beautiful wood,
  • can be pulled up to the family dining table (aka no tray),
  • sturdy,
  • comfortable &
  • adjustable.

Back then, the only chair I knew was the Stokke Tripp Trapp but it was way over my budget. We did some research & got our current highchair – Dapper by Duux, which “is manufactured in Holland by a company with over 150 years of experience in producing professional wooden furniture for kids.”


Anyway, Big E & Baby E love their chairs. Only kink was for both our Dappers, there was some trouble fixing it up. We had to knock in one of the wooden knobs as it wasn’t cut properly.

Big E requested I put a sticker on his face after he noticed what I did for Daddy in this previous post.

I googled 7 beautiful wooden chairs you may want to check out, all easily available in Singapore.

First row left to right: Dapper by Duux $299 ; Stokke Tripp Trapp $379 ; Yamatoya SukusukuEN $288

Second row left to right: Stokke Steps $379 ; Mothercare Valencia $249 ; Yamatoya Lucu Foldable $128

Last row: Brandless from Qoo10 $149


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