Montessori At Home

Preparing An Omelette: Toddler Style


As I incorporate Montessori approach into our everyday life, I see Big E’s independence grow by leaps and bounds. We try to let him have as much practical life in his daily life and cooking is one of our favourite bonding activity.

We usually op for simple baking, cutting or cooking. Big E has been using real food and knives when he was 2. His first food preparation was cutting bananas with a butter knife.

“When children begin to internalize the foundations of Practical Life, they seek ways to use their skills and assume broader responsibilities. Preliminary activities that isolate single skills demonstrate children’s amazing ability to handle kitchen tools. Preparing and serving snacks (and even meals) is a natural way for children to learn cooperation and experience community.”

Excerpt from Montessori Services

Here he goes preparing an omelette & helping me make coffee for breakfast.

Cutting & slicing baby carrots and tomatoes

Cracking and beating eggs



Oishii omelette breakfast made with lots of love!





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