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Me & my trusty Ergo, oh the places we’ll go!

A child may not know what direction he is going, but when he is attached to you, he doesn’t feel lost.

Gordon Neufeld

Our first trip with Bubs. New Zealand 2013


I glanced down at my 6 month old baby, his puppy eyes gazing back at me like I’m his entire universe. There he was propped snugly in our baby carrier, a hand me down Ergo performance series from his older brother. I noticed both corners where my elder boy had chewed his way through and all the frays and holes were but fond distant memories of how little he used to be.



With family. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 2014


This Ergo had been with us since 2013 (that’s 3 years and counting). And we love it to bits. We travel everywhere with it. And I mean everywhere, from strolls in the neighbourhood park to road trips in Europe.



Phuket 2014. The Ergo was hanging next to us beside the table.


Thus far, we have not used a stroller during our travels. We try to be a little adventurous and rough it out most of the time. I was browsing through pictures taken for the past three years and it has been quite a journey.



Europe Road Trip 2014


D1010019 2

Langkawi, Malaysia 2015
Bali, Indonesia 2015


Now we have an additional little one to bring along on future trips, I hope this Ergo will hold on for another 3 years! Oh trusty Ergo, imagine the places we’ll go!







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