The problem with school holidays

I can’t believe I am saying this, but boy am I excited that school holidays are ending soon!

The initial thrill of not having to drive for an hour each day was quickly replaced by sheer exhaustion. The hubs have this notion that school holidays equate to packing everyday with ‘something to do’. All I’d wanted was to do nothing with my kids because usually, magic happens.

So glad that both kids slept early tonight & I got all the me-time to watch Descendants of the Sun, all two episodes of it! LO woke up thrice while I was watching wanting to be soothed.

Googled ‘how to get baby to sleep through’.

AnyHOO, we got free tickets to Jurong Birdpark this afternoon. The last time I went, I had not hit puberty sooo that was pretty much a couple of decades ago. We didn’t couldn’t explore the entire park due to the following factors – 1) There were two kids. 2) The weather was crazy hot. 3) Repeat factor 1 & 2.

Still, it was enjoyable for Bubs. His favourites were the penguins and owls exhibits. They were my favourites too because the entire exhibits were air-conditioned.





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