To my dear boy…

My child, I know the past 2 months have been tough for you as a big brother.

Each morning, you wake up hoping for that familiar morning hug. But often you see me feeding and rocking your baby brother. All you can do is to wait or learn to take breakfast on your own.

When you fall, how you wanted me to comfort you. Yet Mommy can’t put your baby brother down and you had to climb back on your feet on your own through tears.

Each time you try to snuggle up to me while I’m breastfeeding your baby brother, I know how much you missed me.

Each time you whisper that you have no one to play with, I know it’s because Mommy can’t find time to play with you so you had to play by yourself.

Mommy misses you terribly too! My heart aches when I see how hard you are trying to be the big brother. It is not easy for a 3 year old. Yet I am extremely proud of you for finding endless creative ways to play & engage me while I sit immobile breastfeeding the little baby.

I’m sorry if I get short tempered when I should be more patient with you. Thank you for your unconditional love for me even when I am a lesser version of me.

Your ability to forgive my shortcomings is something I did not expect coming from a son towards his mother.

One day, things will get better. Your baby brother will grow up. You will have a wonderful companion in him and endless adventures together.

I promise.

Mommy will still be here for both of you.



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