C-sec delivery – Day 12

So, it has been 12 days since my second angel was delivered through c-section.

It was an incredible moment as I lay on the surgical bed, felt that tremendous nudge and heard my angel wail for the first time. It was love, joy mixed in oddly with all the bitter, helpless fear of undergoing a caesarean that I almost burst into tears.

My firstborn was delivered naturally hence c-section was very frightening for me.

Big brother took to his little brother instantly! He requested to carry the little baby in his arms (with adult supervision & assistance) & stared at the little guy – so much love in his eyes and apprehension on where to place his hands. We told him he could stroke his little brother’s hair gently and kiss him on the forehead.

Our lives are now forever changed in a beautiful way.

We are family of four now.


2 thoughts on “C-sec delivery – Day 12”

  1. The recover from a cesarean is an ongoing process. For me ICAN has been a great help in that healing process. Neither one of my births have gone the way I planned or wanted but I am so glad for the babies they brought me. Hugs mamma it gets easier.

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