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The Very Hungry Lime Caterpillar

After reading the all time popular Eric Carle’s ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, I had been searching up tonnes of activities on Pinterest but reality was – one, Bubs is too young for worksheet activities, two, he never enjoys flash cards, art & crafts that borders on too many instructions.

(Honestly, I am too lethargic in my third trimester to prepare any lesson plans based on the book.)

So when I found out that a vegetable farm in Sembawang sells caterpillars, I was thrilled! (Apart from the fact that I had to drive halfway across Singapore to Sembawang.)

It’s called Oh’ Farms. Pretty easy to get to using google map & GPS.

Here’s our first little lime caterpillar!


For SGD$5, you get the little creepy crawly, the box, instructions and enough leaves to last ’till cocoon stage.

Bubs was excited beyond words! He held on to his little caterpillar all the way home & diligently fed it with the lime leaves everyday, watching it munch & grow.

It turned into a cocoon 2 weeks later.


Nothing we could do for the next 8-9 days except to leave the cocoon on Bub’s science table and let nature take it’s course. It must have emerged extremely early that morning ‘cos during breakfast, we noticed something fluttering ferociously in the box. I was a teeny bit upset that we missed the process of it breaking out of the cocoon but oh well, we can’t force these things.


The feeling was rather amazing, like the process of birthing a beautiful baby butterfly! The metamorphosis is complete!

We set it free that afternoon so that it won’t starve to death.


Please excuse the blurry picture of the butterfly flying away. It’s a screen shot from our video using my smartphone so it’s not exactly DSLR quality. Bubs enjoyed the entire process of watching his caterpillar grow into a gorgeous butterfly. Personally, I felt it created a deeper impact in him with regards to the life cycle of a butterfly as compared to showing him flashcards or coloring worksheets.

Even mommy dearest got a wee bit emotional watching it flutter away.


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