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Bali Adventures

D1020022We took a babymoon to Bali when I was pregnant with Bubs three years ago. Hence, we decided it was only fair that we do the same now I’m carrying our second baby boy.

Can’t exactly go diving or engaging in any fun water sports now that we have a toddler & pregnant woman in tow. We kept it slow paced & low key.

D1040006 D1020024 D1020013 D1000032 D1000031Never expected Bali to be so child-friendly! The happiest moment I could recall was Bubs losing his inhibition towards sand and started to embrace the feeling of it under his feet!

D1030003The sunsets in Bali were beyond words…

I think it was also the first time Bubs actually stared at the actual sun dipping slowly over the horizon. We don’t get such raw experiences in the city.

D1030036 D1030035 D1030029 D1030027 D1030024 D1030008Visited a luwak plantation, Bali safari park, had a fabulous cheap buffet lunch over looking the magnificent view of Mount Batur, climbed hundreds of uneven steps down (and back up) to get close to a waterfall… that’s about most of the “adventurous” stuff we did in Bali.

D1030011This second pregnancy isn’t as easy as I’d expected compared to my first. Gynae told me to walk less & stay home more less I get into premature labour. It’s akin to being under house arrest. So I’ve been wreaking my brains & surfing Pinterest on ideas to keep both Bubs & myself occupied at home. Currently he is rather into the whole STEM thing.

One failed experiment was the musical straws which for the life of me, I could NOT figure out how to produce any sound close to a musical note by blowing air into the straw after following all the instructions correctly.

More posts on our STEM activities soon!

Places we stayed, ate & services we used during our Bali trip that I would highly recommend:


Puri Kelapa Garden Cottages


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