Montessori At Home

A Toddler’s Morning

Great mornings filled with child-led play activities truly makes me appreciate Maria Montessori’s philosophy of creating a “prepared environment” for the child. The parent/teacher will observe with keen awareness what interests the child and let him/her learn and explore at their own pace.


After breakfast of steamed apples, yogurt & pretzels, Bubs suggested painting. We happened to have a cardboard box lying around which resulted in massive splattering and blowing watercolor paint using fingers & straws.

That left us with most of the morning painting and watching the colors flow and swirl across the cardboard box.

We cleaned up, took a short break before the little one chose to put on orchestra music. Today, I introduced him to the sound of percussion in orchestra and listened to Rodion Schedrin’s Carmen Suite’s “Changing of the Guard” section on loop as he waited and drummed along when the snare drum comes on. He could anticipate when the drums were going to be played after listening on repeat mode for almost 15 times.

(The book and CD is titled The Story of the Orchestra and is available on Amazon as well as Book Depository.)

All in all a very calm morning where Bubs played throughout with minimal (almost zero) tantrums & we had many meaningful conversations during play.


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