Why I refuse to play Pokemon Go

Confession: I thought of downloading Pokemon Go to find out what the hype’s all about, in the name of research. What can I miss by playing Pokemon Go? Perhaps, we would not have learnt about electricity the past week… Nor made this fantastic voice controlled sound emitting diode for example. Catch Pikachu & miss our DIY paint-mixing… Continue reading Why I refuse to play Pokemon Go

Baby Evan 11 Months: Things We Do

My once teeny tiny baby has grown into an energiser puff ball! He’s turning ONE in a few weeks time & I’ve already picked out the most gorgeous cake of the flavor I love (b’cos I want to eat it) & the cutest birthday outfit for the little man. His Favourite Activities At 11 Months Water… Continue reading Baby Evan 11 Months: Things We Do

Art & sunshine to chase away those Monday blues

We missed school today. Our routines are established as such Mondays are carefree days filled with art & random creativity. I like Mondays to let free the inner creative soul in children. It’s such a beautiful way to start the first day of the week. This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice… Continue reading Art & sunshine to chase away those Monday blues

Learning To Co-exist Lovingly

One area I’m working on, especially for Em is to treat his brother with kindness & empathy. Earlier this evening, Bubs was building block towers & Baby E, in all his curiosity crawled towards his big brother. Bubs’ raised his hands instinctively to ‘protect’ his block towers from being knocked over & both got into a little… Continue reading Learning To Co-exist Lovingly

A Montessori Morning

I made Bubs an entire set of lower case moveable alphabets a year ago. It wasn’t age appropriate for him back then so you could imagine my joy when I introduced it back to him again. He’s been memorising his name’s spelling as well as his brother’s. Mommy dearest here was more excited than Bubs because… Continue reading A Montessori Morning

Mondays: Mess-free Art & Rainy Outdoors

When I decided to be a SAHM, I made a very conscious decision to be very hands-on with my children’s growing up needs. I admit, too often, the fear of “losing out” does grip me. My children doesn’t attend any formal playgroups, reading programmes or get their left or right brains trained. Well, shouldn’t I… Continue reading Mondays: Mess-free Art & Rainy Outdoors

Setting Up A Montessori Learning Environment At Home

Ever since we became 2 + 2, I’ve been praying for wisdom over how to set up a learning environment that can co-exist for a baby as well as a preschooler. I’ve finally got down to business this entire week. There’s been some major spring cleaning around the house. Old & broken toys, junk in… Continue reading Setting Up A Montessori Learning Environment At Home